Naming images is am interesting thing, when you get into photography you think about the camera, the lens, the light, the subject and then after a while you start thinking, what am I trying to say with the image, actually one of the interesting things that happens at some point is you stop talking about taking photo's and start talking about making images. That may be a conscious thing or an unconscious thing, in my case it was the result of a really good talking to I got from a fellow photographer.


The other thing that happens if you enter a photography club or competitions is that you have to name your image. There are a whole host of different opinions and advice about naming, then there are those who say a great image doesn't need a name. I don't know about that, maybe I just haven't made my great image yet but I have to say I noticed a change in my naming process.


This image for instance is called Layers. I looked at this image for a good half hour trying to think what's it's name, I really wanted 1 word to describe it. Of late I've tried to stick to one one to name an image to try and keep it simple, well that was my thinking but as it turns out it's not always simple. i picked layers for this one as it is layered in a number of ways, obviously we've got layers of land, layers of light, layers of growth between the trees but there is also layers int he process of getting the image to this point (I'm not even sure it's finished!) This is probably the 5th cut at developing this image to where I'd like it and it's been through a number of layers of work, see there is that word again. I've converted the raw image to a baseline, then tuned the levels a little in lightroom, kicked it to photoshop so i can work on with NIK HDR then Colour Efex and within there pull out some detail and separation between the foreground and background to bring out the depth of the image and of course those clouds.

Is it done yet? I'm not sure, but certainly this Layer is done.